[rancid] Fix for alteon and new Ellacoya scripts

Ton Voon ton.voon at opsera.com
Fri Feb 26 09:42:30 UTC 2010


Thanks for RANCID which we use in our monitoring software, Opsview - http://opsview.org 

Please find a tarball attached. This contains the following files:
  * rancid_alteon_esecret_removal.patch - this removes an esecret line  
from alteon devices which changes every time someone logs in. I have  
seen an alternative fix on the mailing list, but this one works for us
  * elrancid.in and ellogin.in - scripts for Ellacoya E30 devices
  * rancid_ellacoya_makefile.patch - patches to support the make; make  
install of the Ellacoya scripts
  * rancid_re_ellacoya.patch - support for ellacoya in rancid_fe



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