[rancid] Modification to clogin to account for Permission denied when login tries to access binaries

Lance Vermilion rancid at gheek.net
Fri Feb 26 18:16:42 UTC 2010


For those of us that might want to write a linuxrancid (to collect
linux particulars) it would be helpful if we added the following to
the regex in clogin.

Change line 898
-re "(denied|Sorry)" {

-re "(denied|Sorry) && (!Permission denied)"    {

This will account for security requirements (DISA STIGS, etc) where
regular users aren't allowed to have access to mesg. Once you deny a
use access to mesg they get a message that will include the words
"Permission denied".

Here is an example output of the access denied to mesg. This will also
account for banners that ha

-bash: /usr/bin/mesg: Permission denied

Just a thought. I can always modify mine as required.

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