[rancid] small patch to rancid for Cisco WAE/ACNS

Hock Jim hohockjim at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 03:44:04 UTC 2010

We've had to make a small change to RANCID for it to run with our Cisco WAEs
running ACNS software.

/bin/rancid uses the following string matching in "show version" to detect
Cisco Content Engines:

    if (/^Application and Content Networking Software/) { $type = "CE"; }

but our presumably more recent ACNS version (5.5.1x) returns the following,
with an extra word "System" breaking the string matching:

[rancid at RANCID configs]$ clogin -c "show ver" acns | grep -i acns
Application and Content Networking System Software (ACNS)

We patched the string matching to the following, and it all works well.

    if (/^Application and Content Networking.*Software/) { $type = "CE"; }

Wondering if the maintainers can commit this (or whatever is similar/more
appropriate). Thanks!

Hock Jim HO

ps. Thanks for an Really Awesome program.
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