[rancid] nslogin for netscaler version 9.x

John Biederstedt john at johnsemail.org
Wed Nov 10 19:40:10 UTC 2010

I've patched nslogin so it works with netscaler 9.x software.  I
think it may also work with version 8.x, but I can't really test
it.  Patch is:
>     -re "$prompt"        { break; }
<     set prompt "#"
>     set prompt "#|>"
<     -re "^.+$prompt"    { set junk $expect_out(0,string);
>     -re "^.*$prompt"    { set junk $expect_out(0,string);
I'm running rancid 2.3.3-1 (ubuntu distro)
This basically adds the ">" character as the starting point for
the system prompt.  That's the default prompt when ssh-ing into
the netscaler.  By leaving the  "#" in, commands can be sent the
the UNIX shell as well.
I'm new to submitting patches to open source software.  If
there's a better way, I'm all ears (eyes).
"We are all geniuses when we dream"
- E.M. Cioran

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