[rancid] ASR1006 - IOS XE 3.1S, CRS-1 - IOS XR 3.9.1

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 16:59:56 UTC 2010

On 10/14/10, Mark Tinka <mtinka at globaltransit.net> wrote:
> Hello all.
> IOS XE 3.1S (and maybe later) has a bug on the ASR1006
> platform where an empty file called 'foo.bar' (no, really),
> gets created on the hard drive file system.
> Deleting this file does not help, and the router recreates
> it.
> The file is regularly modified, so RANCID is always catching
> changes each time it runs. Bug ID CSCth48537 has been opened
> for this, but no news on when a fix will be available.
> On the CRS-1, a file called 'volt_cont' is constantly being
> written to. This file stores environmental monitoring of
> system voltages. This is not a bug, and is working as
> designed.
> Is there any way we can get RANCID to silence the changes in
> these files, without losing any changes to any other files
> in the same file systems?

As a temporary work-around, you could change rancid to ignore them -
take a look at sub ShowFlash and/or sub DirSlotN.

If the file size changes you might also want to ignore the " bytes
available " line.  We've got some routers acting as a DHCP server and
saving the DHCP database to flash.  It's a bit puzzling ar first to
see the free space change with no file changes listed.


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