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Patty Luxton pluxton at antracnetworks.com
Fri Jan 21 22:23:12 UTC 2011

One more thing of interest - changed it back to just sendmail -t in the
control_rancid file without the path, and I don't even get an error message
"sendmail not found" as I used to get in the logs.  So something is not
right with control_rancid - permissions and ownership seem to be correct on
this and all other files.


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I'm having a small problem with sendmail and rancid.  I have one linux box
where I have this set up and all is working fine.  I'm trying to set up
another box for another location, and something is tripping up.  Sendmail
seems to be working fine - I can launch a sendmail command -
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t email.address at blah, and the message sends and receives
just fine.  I also see this coming through my /var/log/messages, and all the
information looks analogous to what is on the linux box that is working.

However, when I try to do the rancid-run, there is no email message, and
nothing shows up in /var/log/messages, so it's as if sendmail didn't even
get called.

My control_rancid file was modified to include the path, so instead of
sendmail -t, it's /usr/sbin/sendmail -t (I needed the full path on my first

There is no error message in the log files for rancid to indicate that it
couldn't find sendmail or anything like that.

There is nothing to indicate that my /etc/aliases is incorrect.  When I run
newaliases, I see it do what it's supposed to do.


I know I should probably run postfix or something else, but I've already got
it working with sendmail on two other implementations, and not sure why this
3rd one won't work.  


I feel like it's something simple within rancid that I may have forgotten,
since sendmail doesn't even seem to get called - did a diff on
control_rancid with my other implementation - no difference.  /etc/aliases


rancid-admin-networking:             rancid-networking

rancid-networking:                         my-email-address-here-for-testing


Thanks in advance,



Patty Luxton


Antrac Nettwork Consulting, Inc

pluxton at antracnetworks.com



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