[rancid] Upgrading 2.3.2 to latest

bob watson bobthebaritone at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 07:38:19 UTC 2011

Hi Todd,

clogin is your friend.

Just upgrading is not gonig to fix things if there is no network

I manage a few RANCID installations and the most common thing I find is that
our customer has simply turned the devcie off!

Know your network connect method - clogin from the command prompt will tell
you yay or nay...see man pages at shrubbery.net.

Cheers from OZ,


2011/3/5 Todd Heide <Todd at equivoice.com>

> What steps do I take to upgrade to the latest version?  I haven’t played
> with it in such a long time, I forgot how to use it.  I have a few devices
> that I found are no longer updating, and I forgot how to run the CLI steps
> to debug it too.  I guess if its working OK with the front end, you don’t
> really spend a lot of time on the back end and forget it all. J
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