[rancid] support for D-Link switches, where to start?

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 11:38:14 UTC 2011


On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Jethro R Binks wrote:

> wrancid/wrapwrancid might help: see:
>   http://sites.google.com/site/jrbinks/code/rancid/wraprancid

Interesting, thanks.

> The 3Com 4400 doesn't have a CLI (menu) command to show the running 
> config, but you could run something periodically to tftp the config to a 
> server, from where you can instruct rancid can read it by using 
> wraprancid.

That's what I had in mind, although, looking at the config, I think there
may be a smarter way.  When you run the backupconfig, tell it a tftp server
and a filename, a single line appears saying "Processing:....".  The rest
of the line appears to be the current config line which it is reading.
Rather than spit the config out on sequential lines, it refreshes the same
line over and over, but you see things like:

	Processing:   <bridge vlan modify addPort 4 1:24-1:25 tagged>
	Processing:   <trafficManagement qos trafficQueue serviceMode WRR>

so it may be possible to pull the full config, just by sending it to a tftp
server.  In fact, the tftp server upload happens afterward and can fail so
it may not be necessary for the upload to work.

I guess it should be possible to capture this information though I haven't
tried yet.


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