[rancid] rancid-run does not always send report (diffs)

Donovan Fourie donovan.fourie at sai.co.za
Thu May 19 13:12:59 UTC 2011



Please could someone help me out with a Rancid problem I've been having for
the last few weeks.


Rancid is scheduled to run every night just after midnight with no
additional configuration switches:


0 3 * * * /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-run


Everything works for a couple of days/week and then suddenly it stops
sending emails and the end of the log files shows:


Getting missed routers: round 2.

All routers sucessfully completed.


cvs diff: Diffing .

cvs diff: Diffing configs

cvs commit: Examining .

cvs commit: Examining configs


ending: Wed May 18 03:40:45 SAST 2011


When I run it manually when I get in later that morning it completes and
sends a mail and then works for the next few days before it packs up again.



Donovan Fourie


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