[rancid] BlueCoat SG Proxy

Razvan Cosma rg at cosma.name
Thu Aug 23 08:37:55 UTC 2012

I'm trying to understand how rancid parses the output of various commands,
to adapt it for BlueCoat; the console is similar with Cisco's and clogin
works for it, can't figure out exactly what /usr/libexec/rancid/rancid does
though. I've replaced the executed commands with these three: show
configuration noprompts, show version and show advanced-url
The output is something like

su - rancid -c 'clogin labhost'
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l root labhost
root at labhost's password:

Enable Password:
^^ so far so good

Lab_Host#show version
show version
Version: SGOS Proxy Edition
Release id: 81874
UI Version: Build: 81874
Serial number: 1234567890
Lab_Host#show advanced-url /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info/
show advanced-url /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info/
Hardware Information

Model: 510-A
RAM: 1024 MB
        DIMM 1: empty
        DIMM 2: 1024 MB SDRAM DDR
Number of CPUs: 1
CPU frequency: 2000 MHz
Bus speed: 100 MHz
Storage: 1 drive
        Disk in slot 1: 80 GB (SEAGATE ST3808110AS, rev:3.AAH,
        Disk in slot 2: empty
        Interface 0:0: Intel Gigabit     running at 1 Gbps full duplex (MAC
        Interface 1:0: Intel Gigabit     running at 1 Gbps full duplex (MAC
Accelerators: none

I'll skip the sh conf no as it's very long, output looks very much like a
cisco sh runn though so I was hoping just editing @commandtable and using
the cisco functions would collect the output. After adding it in
%vendortable in rancid-fe and doing a su - rancid -c 'rancid-run -m
myaddress -r labhost' it seems to do the trick, I'm sure it can be improved
though so suggestions welcome. The bcrancid file is attached.
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