[rancid] Cisco ASA+WLC script

Daniel Schmidt daniel.schmidt at wyo.gov
Thu Mar 8 23:23:15 UTC 2012

Clogin is not for the wlc, that would be wlogin.  Out of sheer curiosity,
now, why again are you trying to find a way to do what rancid already does
for you?

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Hi List,

I am trying to configure scheduled backups of my Cisco ASAs and WLCs.
I am currently trying to use clogin. Login is successful, but it never
enters enable/configure mode - and therefore is not able to run the desired
commands/retrieve all the necessary information (it tries to though !).
Can't paste my .clogin, as I'm at home currently. But everything
(password/enable_password) is ok there ! (I am running this already on my
HP Switches)

just after login and before it should enter enable/configure mode, it tries
to execute the command (from within clogin - not something I told it to...):
"*terminal* length *0*"
but the right command for this on a ASA/WLC's is:
"no pager" or "terminal pager 0"

1. Is there a better Xlogin that I should use ?
2. If clogin is the best script, where in the clogin can I fix this ?
3. Furthermore clogin doesn't logout of my WLC's when it finishes - I guess
I could just add a "; exit" or "; logout" at the end of my command, but
where can I fix this as-well ?

Thanks in advance :) !

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