[rancid] missed cmd(s): show full-configuration,get system status

Gerhard Mourani GMourani at prival.ca
Wed May 30 17:06:57 UTC 2012

Helo list,

After an update to Rancid version 2.3.8, the method used to login into FortiGate device no longer work and report the following error in the log file.

Getting missed routers: round 4. fnlogin error: Error: Couldn't login: missed cmd(s): show full-configuration,get system status
0: found end End of run not found

With previous version of Rancid, everything worked correctly. According to the above error I've run the following commands to verify if the missed cmd is true or not.

/usr/bin/clogin -f /usr/share/rancid/.cloginrc
The above works and I can manually run the 'show full-configuration' or 'get system status' command without problem!

Therefore no idea about why this error occur now and from which part it's really coming from!


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