[rancid] is it possible to strip IPs from email notifications

epac epac at korigan.net
Wed Nov 28 00:27:27 UTC 2012

On Tue, 27 Nov 2012, Hinote, Willie Scott. (MSFC-IS40)[NICS] wrote:

> I agree that it would be best to leave the data intact for the 
> repository. I would looking for something that occurred after the 
> checkin. I was hoping that there would be a separate RANCID email script 
> that could be modified to strip out the IPs after the data had been 
> diff'd and added to the repository. This would only alter the 
> information that is inserted into the email and not the data itself. If 
> anyone has a similar type script that they are using for other purposes 
> that would give me an idea of how to start that would be greatly 
> appreciated, otherwise I will write a Perl script that will do this. 
> Thanks for the replies so far.

if you are using SVN for the repository for the data, you could use a hook 
script that does the "cleanup" before sending the mail. that would apply 
to all the devices. the logic in the hook could do all sort of processing 
(figure out who to send to, based on the device config being updated, what 
lines to remove before sending, etc...)


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