[rancid] More information in the subject of the config diff mail

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 19:56:37 UTC 2013

On 04/12/2013 20:01, Stephan Seitz wrote:
> Hi!
> I’m trying the rancid software and I find it very nice, but the mail
> with the config diffs has only the subject „networking router config
> diffs”.
> This means I can’t see which hosts have changed without reading the
> mail.  And if one host has only a small change I may overlook it.
> Is it possible to put the hostnames in the subject as well? Or would
> this be a very big code change?
> Shade and sweet water!
>     Stephan

diff mails are per-group and not per-device and the group is mentioned
in the mail title.

Groups can be arbitrarily large - I have some groups with over 800
entries with about half of them edge routers with customer circuits. All
of those change about once a day at least.

I can't deal with 400 diff mails after every run or 400 hostnames in the
subject so both of those approaches are futile. rancid's current setup
is probably the best middle ground there is and mail can only do so
much. If you need more information, try something like Splunk

Alan McKinnon
alan.mckinnon at gmail.com

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