[rancid] Support for Aruba devices

Elle Plato techgrrl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 22:25:25 UTC 2013


> I haven't done it, but one issue is that their encrypted strings change
> between each run of "show configuration" even when the configuration is 
> unaltered.

I am hoping other people put pressure on Aruba to fix this, they change
encrypted strings, the location of items with ACLs, blank lines and more.

I use perl with expect.pm, and have a script replace the
keys with *****, and as long as I have the keys someplace else
for hardware replacements, this works well to avoid the constantly changing 

Today's fun is two devices, both running Version and one prints 
blank lines in "show startup-config" and the other does not.  I was hoping 
rancid community would have seen this and had some insight, but if that is
the case, my google foo does not find it.

Is it really that hard to make the output of "show whatever" consistent?

I am not sure how hard it would be to write an arubalogin.  I have screen 
scraping code
in PERL with expect.pm and it is fairly easy to get running.  I replace 
.cloginrc with
a DevInfo.pm module that reads a config file.  My scripts just use DevInfo, 
and then
call a getMethod to get the username and password along with some device 
stuff like autoenable and sshver=1

($uname, $password, ConnectionMethod, $DevSpecificArgs) = getMethod($host); 

If anyone has any insight into the extra lines, I am tormented and would 
love to hear suggestions.

Sorry for the hijack, I just *really* wanted to +1 the issue of Aruba 
changing config bits.

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