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Mohammad Hassan Mohammad.Hassan at hughes.com
Fri Nov 8 21:50:02 UTC 2013


I'm having some issue with using Rancid on a Linux box. I am able to automate the process of entering Cisco and Fortinet CPE's and run commands. However, I cannot do this for Seimans devices. I can login into these devices automatically but I do cannot run any commands.

My suspicion is that this is because the prompt delimiter is different. In the Cisco and Fortinet world, there is a pound (#) and in the Seimans world it is  (->).

Is there some place in the .cloginrc file where I can define the delimiter.

Here is a sample on Siemans:

Siemens 5930 DMT Router (5930-001) v6.3.080 Ready
Username: superuser
Password: ********
Logged in successfully!
superuser at wan->
Error: TIMEOUT reached
spawn telnet b1301969d2
Connected to B1301969D2.
Escape character is '^]'.

Here is a sample on a Cisco:

Username: superuser
B8867541D2#term length 0
B8867541D2#show arp | in 0030.44
Internet           0   0030.440c.5d5a  ARPA   Vlan1

Please let me know how I can adjust this!

Thanks in advance,
Mohammad Hasan
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