[rancid] modifying diff conditions

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Fri Nov 15 12:17:04 UTC 2013

Maybe, maybe not. I've tried your format, too, and it isn't working.
'(.*term1.*|.*term2.*|.*term.*)'   - (might be overkill, but thought I would try it).

Funny thing, if I run the 'cvs -f diff' command at the command prompt, then it ignores the appropriate lines.

cvs -f diff -r 1.150 -r 1.151 -U 4 -ko --ignore-matching-lines=___________

but within the script it doesn't behave the same. What's different (besides that I have to specify which revisions to diff)?

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Fri, Nov 08, 2013 at 12:08:37PM -0500, Wayne Eisenberg:
> Well, I've done some experimenting and I think I've seen that the
> regex expression doesn't always work. I found that --ignore-matching-lines='av\|wildfire\|threat'
> *can* work, but if I don't include all of the things to ignore, it
> won't ignore any of them. For example, with the text below, 'av\|wildfire\|url-filtering\|app\|threat' will successfully ignore all of those lines. But if I omit one of the elements (say 'threat'), it won't ignore any of the lines even though I would expect it to only return the 'threat' lines as different. Does anyone have any ideas or explanation of this behavior?

bad RE format, i suspect.  '(term1|term2|term3)'

i do not know if any of those chars needs to be escaped, since its in single quotes.  but, depends on how cvs execs diff.

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