[rancid] messed up svn

Wiethoff, Helge Wiethoff at tfh-bochum.de
Fri Oct 18 06:51:18 UTC 2013

Hi all :-)

I guess our svn is messed up. I have no idea when the problem started, but i get a notification about "the last changes" every time rancid-run runs...
So what have i done to fix this:
I deleted the devices which produces the wrong notification from router.db, run rancid-run and added them back to router.db.
The devices were added again and i got a mail with the updates in router.db and the "initial" configs from the devices and the config was saved. But there is something wrong because the mail is coming after each rancid-run...

rancid at X-AS01:/srv/rancid/TFH> svn status -v
               192      192 rancid       .
               192      192 rancid       configs
               192      168 rancid       configs/x-gw1k30.tfh-lan
M              192      189 rancid       configs/x-su3118a.tfh-lan
M              192      190 rancid       configs/x-su3118b.tfh-lan
M              192      191 rancid       configs/x-su3118c.tfh-lan
M              192      192 rancid       configs/x-su3118d.tfh-lan
               192       82 rancid       configs/x-sw8217.tfh-lan
M              192      188 rancid       router.db

If everything is good the file shoudn't be "M"odified right? Anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Best regards,
  Helge Wiethoff

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