[rancid] Explain email error

Ryan Milton rmilton at mvsusa.com
Sat Sep 28 22:30:22 UTC 2013

I have had quite a time getting my HP Procurve switches to work with rancid. Long story short, this test works:

/usr/lib/rancid/bin/hlogin -f /var/lib/rancid/.cloginrc <device>

I get into the devices from the cli.

When I just let rancid contact the devices on its own, then I get this email, which makes me think there is a permissions error (?):

The following routers have not been successfully contacted for
more than 24 hours.
-rw-r----- 1 rancid rancid 0 Sep 27 10:09

On the other hand, when I look in my logs, the message is simply that rancid couldn't login.

(?!?!) clogin error: Error: Couldn't login
<device>: missed cmd(s): show stack,show module,show flash,show version,show system-information,write term,show system information

This is the eternal issue! Everytime I think I've got it: boom! Failure

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