[rancid] rancid 3.2 alpha/candidate

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Tue Dec 30 16:30:09 UTC 2014

RANCiD users, Making an alpha version of 3.2 available for testing and welcome
bug reports/fixes.


Caveats are that wlogin for Cisco WLC support does not work reliably.  I had
access to a WLC for awhile, but didnt get the problem resolved in time.

There is also a minor mail feature we would like to add, that is not included

The Changes since 3.1:
        add support for git.  See the UPGRADING file.  Based on Jeffrey C.
        Ollie's patch & thanks Dan Lowe, Job Snijders and a number of folks on

        rancid-cvs: add -f option

        dell.pm: filter up time from show switch

        control_rancid: svn cleanup after collection commits

        iosxr.pm: access-list/prefix-list sorting regex fixes

        ios.pm: access-list/prefix-list sorting regex fixes

        nxos.pm: filter ASIC/INTAKE cycling temps - Vincent Aniello

        panos.pm: convert panrancid to a module

        panlogin, panrancid: import palo alto network script from Doug Hughes

        jlogin: set tty width to 132 to avoid problems with cli
        complete-on-space, which fixes problems occuring when hostnames are

        iosxr.pm: access-list regex truncating lines - Peter Jackson

        rancid.pm: improve IP sorting, esp for IPv6

        ios.pm: filter show flash & dir bytes free better

        ciscowlc: add filters for oscillating config & env o/p - Daniel Schmidt

        ciscowlc: convert Cisco WLC scripts to library

        import Cisco WLC scripts from

        *login.in; fix handling of empty lines in -x input - reported by

        nxos.pm: recognize invalid command in ShowFex - lee.e.rian

        nxos.pm: does not set $proc - lee.e.rian

        nxrancid: convert nexus to module nxos.pm

        ios.pm: save "next reload" template - lee.e.rian

        tntlogin, tntrancid: remove TNT support

        par, hpuifilter: type fixes for Raspian compatibility - thanks Dan

        slogin: add switching login

        ios.pm: filter timestamp and size from filename "syslog"

        configure: complain if sendmail is not found

        control_rancid: DIR set too early

        clogin,ios.pm,iosxr.pm: escape plus (+) regex atom in prompt handling

        foundry.pm: remove rogue newline in regex - from P. R. Wilson

        Note Allied Telesis AW+ devices support, works as type 'cisco'
        according to Allied Telesis Employees

        fix handling of absent sendmail in configure script

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