[rancid] Cisco SG-500 configs?

Alex DEKKER rancid at ale.cx
Thu Jun 5 15:07:18 UTC 2014

On 05/06/14 15:27, Alexander Bochmann wrote:
> ...on Thu, Jun 05, 2014 at 01:58:18PM +0100, Alex DEKKER wrote:
>   > >does anyone have rancid 2.3.x patches for Cisco SG-500 switches with current
>   > >software? I've found several pieces of code that claim to support the SG series,
>   > Have you tried this?:
>   > https://github.com/chrpinedo/rancid-cisco-sb
> Yes, and several variants of that one.
>   > Ahhh hang on, when you say current software, are you talking about
>   > newer switch firmwares?
> Exactly. For example, csbrancid wants to use an "lcli" command upon logging
> in that the current SG switches don't know about anymore - they expect an
> "enable"...

Interesting. I have one install of RANCID with the rancid-cisco-sb 
patches as above that is polling an SGE, and SFE and SG500X all with the 
same device type. I was pleasantly surprised that it just seemed to know 
what to do all by itself...


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