[rancid] RANCID : Riverbed Steelheads

Mansfield, Marcus marcus.mansfield at harman.com
Wed May 7 11:55:34 UTC 2014

So, like many I'm attempting to configure RANCID for use with our Riverbed population.

It mostly works...
I can log in, get to enable mode and send commands etc. ( using clogin )
In debug mode, the raw file shows everything exactly as I would expect. I'm processing a few commands.
Show info, show version, show licenses, show boot, show admission, show limit bandwidth and show run.

I'm not an expect / perl programmer so I've hacked a copy of the rancid file to just dump exactly what appears on the screen and as I said it debug mode it works perfectly.

However, what its run in batchmode it always tells me its missed commands and even though when I watch the file creation, I see the ".new" file created and populated it is never saved, it enters the "missed router" process, deletes the file and starts again.

I'm obviously missing setting some variables to tell either the rancid file or the clogin file that it was successful.

Would apprecaite any pointers.

For reference I'm running RANCID and ViewVC on CentOS. However, I also have a homegrown web application thats uses wscript files ( yes, Windows ) on another server to read the configuration files of each device and import it into a SQL DB that is used to generate a basic ASPX front end. The SQL DB is also use to generate the .cloginrc / router.db files automatically from the database content. It has a few extra functions to filter by device type, region, country, location and look for CDP neihbors that do not exist in the RANCID db file etc.


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