[rancid] Cisco WLC: Rancid 3.0 add other vendor devices???

Joshua Lebo sclebo05 at gmail.com
Fri May 16 20:36:56 UTC 2014


I'm having the exact same issues.  I'm also poking around at code, and I
have noticed that Rancid::loadtype is a subrouting in
lib/rancid/rancid.pmnot it's own module.

For completeness, I'm showing my rancid.types.conf contents:


and my error:

Trying to get all of the configs.
Unknown option: t
ciscowlc5 wlogin error: Error: no password for ciscowlc5 in
ciscowlc5: missed cmd(s): show sysinfo,show udi,show run-config commands
ciscowlc5: End of run not found

I was able to resolve 'Unknown option: t' was resolved by catching the
option, by editing line 30 and adding 't'.

The above wlogin error should probably read <devicename> instead of
<ciscowlc5>, leading me to believe that our scripts are not parsing
something correctly.  Did the change in router.db from ':' to ';' in
version 3.0 break the script?
Interestingly, if I run ./ciscowlc5 <devicename> from within the bin
directory, the complete config is pulled down and saved as a .new file.
Password, etc is correctly configured.  So I know the scripts work, having
trouble getting them to run via rancid-run in version 3.0.

- Josh
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