[rancid] Rancid and Git

Brown, David M JR david.brown at pnnl.gov
Wed May 21 20:07:26 UTC 2014

>> 	$BASEDIR is the dir into which all groups go. If you put a generic
>> lockfile here you will make it so multiple groups can't be polled at one
>> time. Typically a temp dir is used where the file includes the group
>> so there is no stepping on of toes, and stale lockfiles aren't left in
>> unexpected places.
>The locks shouldn't slow down polling, the lock is only held when making
>commits to the Git repository which shouldn't happen during polling
>(unless I'm misunderstanding something about the code).  I needed the
>locks because I need to run a series of git commands atomically or
>changes from other groups might become part of the wrong commit.
>That seems out of scope to me.  Perhaps i do not yet understand the
>in git.  how would the commits in one group become part of another group's
>commit?  the commit occurs in the group's directory.

One of the big differences between svn commit and git commit is the
current working directory doesn¹t matter for git and it does for svn. My
guess is that they did this then to ensure that commits to on group don¹t
have race conditions with another group being modified.

A fix to this would be to do a 'git commit -m ³$message² *' this should
only commit things in the current working directory and not differences in
the entire tree.

Hopefully this helps.

- David Brown

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