[rancid] Rancid and Git

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Wed May 21 19:58:22 UTC 2014

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 1:55 PM, heasley <heas at shrubbery.net> wrote:
> Mon, May 19, 2014 at 11:16:37AM -0700, james machado:
>> there was a message about git and locks back in 2007
>> http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2007-March/002154.html
>> that talked about this or something related to this.
>> best i can remember from past research on using git and rancid.
> Thanks for that.
> ----
>>       $BASEDIR is the dir into which all groups go. If you put a generic
>> lockfile here you will make it so multiple groups can't be polled at one
>> time. Typically a temp dir is used where the file includes the group name
>> so there is no stepping on of toes, and stale lockfiles aren't left in
>> unexpected places.
> The locks shouldn't slow down polling, the lock is only held when making
> commits to the Git repository which shouldn't happen during polling
> (unless I'm misunderstanding something about the code).  I needed the
> locks because I need to run a series of git commands atomically or
> changes from other groups might become part of the wrong commit.
> ----
> That seems out of scope to me.  Perhaps i do not yet understand the process
> in git.  how would the commits in one group become part of another group's
> commit?  the commit occurs in the group's directory.

Git is different from CVS or SVN.  In CVS and SVN directories are
significant in that they are essentially separate repositories.  In
Git there is only one repository and a "git add" done in one directory
will be included in a "git commit" done in a different directory.

Jeff Ollie

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