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To answer the original question (which somehow I missed), yes, I wrote a panrancid and panlogin a couple of years ago. It should be out there somewhere, but I can email the text files too. I have not tested it with rancid 3. Though. It works fine with rancid 2.3

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fix it?

суббота, 18 января 2014 г., 18:45:03 UTC+4 пользователь Maria Jose Erquiaga написал:
Hi Everyone!

I'm having the same problem, but with Mikrotik.

I follow these instructions : http://falz.net/tech/rancid-mikrotik

and I have this error when I run Rancid :
exec failed router manufacturer mikrotik: No such file or directory

I'm using these files as well : http://falz.net/static/rancid/ and pearl5 is installed in my ubuntu server.
I have created the /var/lib/rancid/ap/router.db file as well with the IP of my devices
I have access to my device but I can't obtain the config file, I can see a file in /var/lib/rancid/all/configs but it is empty.-

Thanks in advance

Le jeudi 29 mars 2012 09:53:33 UTC-3, Guillaume Dupuis a écrit :
Nate Beck <Nate.Beck <at> jivesoftware.com<http://jivesoftware.com>> writes:

> Has anyone on the list worked with Palo Alto Network firewalls and Rancid?  I
was wondering if anyone has created a *login for them.
> Thanks-------------------
> Nathan BeckSr. IT Engineer
> Jive Software
> 503.972.9024

Hi Nate,

Did you find a *login script for PAN?


Guillaume Dupuis

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