[rancid] rancid workinging with partitions v11.x tmsh F5 LTM

Shaun Krok krok at krok.za.net
Sat Oct 11 17:59:37 UTC 2014


I am busy to integrate Rancid into our network and have an issue with 
partitions on BIG IP LTM v11.x
All  works fine but Rancid does not backup all partitions …
I am using the script from GIT with TMSH commands

This command work from bash : tmsh -q -c "cd /; list recursive" but 
does not from the script ..

This is a snip from the forum where the issue was identified but is 
anyone aware if there is a fix :



here is a working tmsh version in the rancid git repo.

The only thing that doesn't work when adjusting the script to list all
partition co config is a tmsh -q -c "cd /; list recursive" - it errors 
due to extra double quotes required by the -c option.
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