[rancid] ASR 1001-X and Rancid 2.3.6

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 09:03:47 UTC 2014

On 23/09/2014 21:40, Matthew Arguin wrote:
> looking for a little insight.  I have a pair of ASR1001-X's in my rancid
> config... had missed, previously, that there was a router type of
> cisco-xr and was getting a diff EVERY run of rancid on my primary router
> and sometimes on my secondary.  changed the router type to the cisco-xr
> (it was only just on cisco) and noticed that in the RANCID release notes
> for 2.3.2 there is this:
> "rancid: filter filesize and date of tracelogs dir on IOS-XE"
> so i was hoping that by just changing the 'cisco' to 'cisco-xr' i would
> fix the issue as i did confirm in the two lastest diff's that it is the
> tracelogs dir causing the problem.  however, it persists.
> i am running 2.3.6:
> -sh-3.2$  /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid -V
> rancid 2.3.6
> i must be missing something...


At my previous employer I found the ASR platform was a touch strange to
deal with. IIRC the 9k runs XR and most other models run XE. So the 1k
works best configured in router.db as "cisco". What I did was specify
the type according to the actual OS running on the device which solved
most problems, and then deal with the changing lines separately.

Please post samples of the diff output you get so we can be sure, but I
strongly suspect it's a simple case of tracelog lines need to be
redacted out (the information is rather useless actually and no need to
store it). Fixing it is as simple as a line of perl like this in the sub
that deals with that output:

  next if (/some regex/);

Check the web archives for the past 6 months, there's a bunch of patches
I posted that dealt with this and other similar problems for me. You
might find them useful.

If possible you might want to upgrade to 2.3.8.p4 just to stay current.
Or go straight to 3.1 but that requires tweaking your config files

Alan McKinnon
alan.mckinnon at gmail.com

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