[rancid] vyatta/vyos

robert.4.hughes at bt.com robert.4.hughes at bt.com
Wed Apr 1 08:41:52 UTC 2015

Hi Adam,

I am seeing the same issue.

When I run rancid-run I see the following errors in the log file:

router01: vlogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
router01: missed cmd(s): show configuration commands
router01: End of run not found
Getting missed routers: round 1.
Passed argv0 into rancid-fe {
Unknown router manufacturer for {:

Manually I can run vlogin -c "show configuration commands" router01
And this pulls back the config.

Note I manually changed the vrancid file to just run the command "show configuration commands", not sure if this is the correct way to configure the commands or should I be using rancid.types.conf?


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Hi Tony,

Having a bit of trouble with this on a fresh rancid 3.2 install and files pulled from git tonight as well.  Target is a UBNT EdgeRouter Pro, v1.6.0.

I edited rancid.types.conf to append | no -more as the default 'show configuration' and 'show configuration commands' get stuffed through the less pager which resulted in a timeout.  Also commented out a few that don't apply to the

However, rancid-run shows those failing:

Getting missed routers: round 4.
r01.adm: vlogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
r01.adm: missed cmd(s): show version all,show configuration | no-more,show system image,show configuration commands | no-more
r01.adm: End of run not found

ending: Wed Apr 1 02:54:38 CDT 2015

But manually running these via vlogin works fine:

[rancid at nms2 ~]$ vlogin -c "show version all;show configuration | no-more" r01.adm
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l admin r01.adm
admin at r01.adm's<mailto:admin at r01.adm's> password:
Linux ubnt 3.10.20-UBNT #1 SMP Wed Oct 29 20:51:42 PDT 2014 mips64
Welcome to EdgeOS
Last login: Wed Apr  1 07:58:13 2015 from

admin at r01.adm:~$<mailto:admin at r01.adm:~$>
admin at r01.adm:~$<mailto:admin at r01.adm:~$> set terminal length 0
Invalid command
admin at r01.adm:~$<mailto:admin at r01.adm:~$> show version all
show configuration | no-more
Version:      v1.6.0
Build ID:     4716006
Build on:     10/31/14 17:38
Copyright:    2012-2014 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
HW model:     EdgeRouter Pro 8-Port
HW S/N:       24A43C3CF41B
Uptime:       07:59:35 up 5 days, 12:06,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

admin at r01.adm:~$<mailto:admin at r01.adm:~$> show configuration | no-more
interfaces {
    ethernet eth0 {
<blah blah blah>
admin at r01.adm:~$<mailto:admin at r01.adm:~$> exit
Connection to r01.adm closed.



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The vyos support now installs/runs as a module.  See the README in the git repository for updated install info.

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