[rancid] vyatta/vyos

Antonio Querubin tony at lavanauts.org
Wed Apr 1 12:11:02 UTC 2015

On Wed, 1 Apr 2015, Adam Korab wrote:

> Having a bit of trouble with this on a fresh rancid 3.2 install and 
> files pulled from git tonight as well.  Target is a UBNT EdgeRouter Pro, 
> v1.6.0.
> I edited rancid.types.conf to append | no -more as the default 'show 
> configuration' and 'show configuration commands' get stuffed through the 
> less pager which resulted in a timeout.  Also commented out a few that 
> don't apply to the
> However, rancid-run shows those failing:
> Getting missed routers: round 4.
> r01.adm: vlogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
> r01.adm: missed cmd(s): show version all,show configuration | no-more,show system image,show configuration commands | no-more
> r01.adm: End of run not found

Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce the problem.  I modified my 
rancid.types.conf the same way as above and it works here (no timeout and 
obtains the entire config).  However, this is for a VyOS router and not an 
Ubiquiti.  I don't have access to an Ubiquiti router so unfortunately I 
can't troubleshoot further.

Antonio Querubin
e-mail:  tony at lavanauts.org
xmpp:  antonioquerubin at gmail.com

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