[rancid] rancid failing login to cisco switches

Cuttler, Brian (HEALTH) brian.cuttler at health.ny.gov
Wed Apr 22 20:54:33 UTC 2015

I had found that in the info, but had created the directories first and then tried to run it.

I destroyed the directory for the new group, ran $ rancid-cvs and all is fine now.

Thank you again!


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Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 08:36:07PM +0000, Cuttler, Brian (HEALTH):
> Thank you.
> It was a couple of things, the add user *, and the add password *.
> Also, since we had (mandated to) a change of switch names and IP numbers, I copied the new switch names out of the scripts that updated the switches and they were all in uppercase, and where not found by the clogin script when it scanned the .cloginrc file.

the match is case-insensitive in v 3.2.

> I did try to add a new group, unsuccessfully.
> I added the new group to the /etc/rancid/rancid.conf file, created a new directory, a new router.db, but I'm not finding the information via CVSWEB nor do I have CVS archives of the data.

you must use rancid-cvs to create the dir.

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