[rancid] Modifying Cisco Login Banner

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Mon Jan 26 19:46:26 UTC 2015

Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 01:57:55PM -0500, Chip Pleasants:
> Hi all,
> I realize this topic has beat up, but I'm hoping someone can point me in
> the right direction.  I'm trying to change my current cisco login banner,
> which doesn't have > or # in it. The new login banner doesn't either. It
> appears rancid is getting hung up on the router output "Enter TEXT
> message.  End with the character 'X' and end up timing out. I found a
> couple old threads, but not any specific solutions to this issue.  Bellow
> is the configuration I'm adding/modifying, and I've attached the debug
> output. Let me know if you any questions and thanks in advance for any
> assistance.
> -Chip
> !
  dont need this line or the other ! lines

> conf t
> !
> no banner login X
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dont think you need this either
> banner login X
you dont get a prompt after this.

> Rev 3(1-17)
> ___________
> X
> !
> end
> !
> wr

so file becomes (with the $ to indicate EOL):
conf t
banner login X\nRev 3(1-17)\n___________\nX$

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