[rancid] “Error : TIMEOUT Reached” Rancid

pradeep s pradeepanan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 19:40:59 UTC 2015


I know this error have been in archive list but I don’t see any response
for that. Am also getting the same error. When I do “clogin ip” , I can see
its gets logged into the remote system but after a while it gets exit
stating “Error : TIMEOUT Reached”

I have set timeout value to be 90 but no luck. My .cloginrc config is  ,

add method <ip> ssh

add password <ip> N0ps2012

add user  <ip> vyatta

add autoenable  <ip> 1

I have tried changing autoenable to noenable but still same. Could anyone
guide me from here it would be great.

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