[rancid] HP 1920

Viktor Steinmann stony at stony.com
Mon Feb 15 09:56:34 UTC 2016

Hey all

I'd like to take up the discussion from June 2015 about HP 1920 switches.

 > http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2015-June/008557.html

I have purchased some of these switches as well, and in fact the Web 
interface and the CLI suck. But you can get to a full CLI with some 
extra commands:

a) Enter "_cmdline-mode on"
b) The switch answers with "All commands can be displayed and executed. 
Continue? [Y/N]" on which you answer with "Y"
c) The switch will answer with the password prompt: "Please input password:"
d) The password to enter here is "Jinhua1920unauthorized"
e) The switch will output this: "Warning: Now you enter an all-command 
mode for developer's testing, some commands may affect operation by 
wrong use, please carefully use it with our engineer's direction."
f) Now you enter "system-view", which gives you the "enable" mode on 
this switch-type

Now you have full access to the CLI, which is very much standard (e.g. 
with "display current-configuration" you'll get the full configuration).

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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