[rancid] problem with rancid on centos7

Tetsuo Handa penguin-kernel at I-love.SAKURA.ne.jp
Sun Feb 21 03:55:49 UTC 2016

Angelo Hongens wrote:
> Why I see is that clogin works as root (and gives a correct error):
> [root at nmo-ran-02 ~]# /usr/libexec/rancid/clogin foo
> Error: password file (/root/.cloginrc) does not exist

This is expected behavior because environment variable HOME
is set to /root for user root . There is no ~root/.cloginrc .

> But not as user:
> [rancid at nmo-ran-02 ~]$ /usr/libexec/rancid/clogin foo
> Error: invalid command name "aadd"

This is because you have a typo in ~rancid/.cloginrc .
I think that command meant to be "add" not "aadd".

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