[rancid] Clarification regarding using git-remote in latest rancid release-3.4.1

Mahesh Raghunandanan mahepillaveetil at gmail.com
Tue May 24 22:07:32 UTC 2016

Hey Folks,

I am pretty new to rancid. Have been assigned the task to take backups of 
our networking devices via rancid and use git as revision system.
I have already played around using rancid using svn and it works as 
expected and creates local checkouts and emails me the differences if any 
changes has happened in configs on my devices. I am happy with this.
But I need to accomplish it using git and push all the configurations to my 
remote GITLAB. I have created a new project rancid.git in my GITLAB 
(remote-host) account. So, I need to configure rancid in such a way, that 
all configurations are automatically pushed to GITLAB instead of local 

I read somewhere that in Rancid-2.3.6, there was a patch called git-remote 
which accomplishes this task. But in the latest rancid release, 3.4.1, I 
tried , it doesn't work.

Any experts here, who have configured rancid-3.4.1 using git and changes 
being pushed to GITLAB.
Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mahesh R
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