[rancid] Creating a new rancid login file

Remsik,Robert Robert.Remsik at colostate.edu
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That gave me all the clues needed, thank you.

Would it be helpful if I provided a copy of the audiorancid and audiologin files for others to use in the future?

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Fri, Sep 09, 2016 at 09:30:26PM +0000, Remsik,Robert:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to create a new rancid login file for an audiocodes device and I need a little help debugging what's going on & how to fix it.
> I've created audiologin which can successfully loginto and run all the commands required (per FAQ 3.2).  However, when I try using audiorancid (based upon hrancid) to call audiologin I'm getting an error that it can't run the commands which does not make sense to me yet.  What I see as a result of CLI running audiorancid is it's creating the file to write to(it shows up in the file system), and then it attempts to 'select' this file and then proceeds to error out.  This doesn't make sense to me as the excerpt from hrancid (which works against HP switches), is identical (minus debug commands) and does not have this problem.  Any help is appriciated!
> Thank you in advance,
> I've created the type 'ac' as defined in /etc/base.types.conf so when/if rancid-run gets ahold of it it'll find the correct files.
> ac;script;audiorancid
> ac;login;audiologin
> rancid at server:~/var/rancid-3.4.99/logs$ audiorancid
> commandstr: show storage-history;show system active-alarms;show system assembly;show system feature;show system version;show voip firewall;show voip tls certificate;show running-config
> Debug 1
> Debug 2
> missed cmd(s): all commands

audiorancid -a ip

that should leave an ip.raw file behind and may provide the cause.
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