[rancid] Rancid CVS issue

Ingle, Vicky Vicky_Ingle at bose.com
Mon Jun 26 22:47:34 UTC 2017

Hi Nick,

I'm so glad that you replied for this issue.
Yes, it works fine. I don't see anything in the logs for the failed devices. If there is no change in the decide config, does it skip downloading the config? If yes, where can see those skipped logs..

Vicky Ingle

From: Nick Hilliard <nick at foobar.org>
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Subject: Re: [rancid] Rancid CVS issue

Ingle, Vicky wrote:
> We have a linux server where in Rancid 3.1 and below is the cronjob
> (run as user pp71402)

does clogin work when you su to username pp71402?

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