[rancid] Ciena Waveserver w/ RANCID 3.6.2

Chris Wopat me at falz.net
Mon May 22 19:29:18 UTC 2017


There appears to be a ciena-ws module as of RANCID v3.3. I tested this
out on RANCID 3.4.x and it seemed to work, but only after I changed it
to use clogin instead of hlogin. I opted to upgrade to 3.6.2
immediately after and now are getting 'End of run not found' errors
using either login method.

Did debugging w/ NOPIPE=YES, the .new and .raw files both look
correct. They also contain the matching regexp that appears to match
to set found_end to 1, which is if (/^! END OF CONFIG:/) in

export NOPIPE=YES && rancid -d -t ciena-ws my-saveserver'
loadtype: device type ciena-ws
loadtype: found device type ciena-ws in /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.base
executing hlogin -t 120 -c"software show;chassis show;configuration
show" my-saveserver
PROMPT MATCH: my-waveserver>
HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> software show
    In ShowVersion: my-waveserver> software show
HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> chassis show
    In ShowChassisClocks: my-waveserver> chassis show
HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> configuration show
    In ShowConfiguration: my-waveserver> configuration show
o-waveserver-lab-2.wiscnet.net: End of run not found

> tail -5 my-waveserver.new

Curious if something changed in these versions or general tips for
troubleshooting this. I don't think it's actually the regexp match for
"END OF CONFIG" as it appears to be correct.

The mailing list is littered with lots of 'End of run not found'
issues over the years, so unsure which is most relevant.

Also, is there an official RANCID code CVS/SVN/GIT repository
somewhere, and is it browsable? Curious of changes over time outside
of what's in the CHANGELOG.


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