[rancid] Ciena Waveserver w/ RANCID 3.6.2

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed May 24 21:04:55 UTC 2017

Mon, May 22, 2017 at 02:29:18PM -0500, Chris Wopat:
> Hi,
> There appears to be a ciena-ws module as of RANCID v3.3. I tested this
> out on RANCID 3.4.x and it seemed to work, but only after I changed it
> to use clogin instead of hlogin. I opted to upgrade to 3.6.2
> immediately after and now are getting 'End of run not found' errors
> using either login method.
> Did debugging w/ NOPIPE=YES, the .new and .raw files both look
> correct. They also contain the matching regexp that appears to match
> to set found_end to 1, which is if (/^! END OF CONFIG:/) in
> wavesvros.pm.
> export NOPIPE=YES && rancid -d -t ciena-ws my-saveserver'
> loadtype: device type ciena-ws
> loadtype: found device type ciena-ws in /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.base
> executing hlogin -t 120 -c"software show;chassis show;configuration
> show" my-saveserver
> PROMPT MATCH: my-waveserver>
> HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> software show
>     In ShowVersion: my-waveserver> software show
> HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> chassis show
>     In ShowChassisClocks: my-waveserver> chassis show
> HIT COMMAND:my-waveserver> configuration show
>     In ShowConfiguration: my-waveserver> configuration show
> o-waveserver-lab-2.wiscnet.net: End of run not found
> my-waveserver^>logout
> > tail -5 my-waveserver.new
> !
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> !
> my-waveserver^>logout
> Curious if something changed in these versions or general tips for
> troubleshooting this. I don't think it's actually the regexp match for
> "END OF CONFIG" as it appears to be correct.

no changes in this since 3.3 and i no longer have access to one.  if you
send the raw file to me (as an attachment) i can probably fix it, but go
back to hlogin.

> The mailing list is littered with lots of 'End of run not found'
> issues over the years, so unsure which is most relevant.
> Also, is there an official RANCID code CVS/SVN/GIT repository
> somewhere, and is it browsable? Curious of changes over time outside
> of what's in the CHANGELOG.

its all in the changelog.

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