[rancid] is there scripts for 3com router

Piegorsch, Weylin William weylin at bu.edu
Mon Oct 30 21:25:36 UTC 2017

> I think there was a way of pulling the underlying config off by tftp, maybe triggered through the CLI, 

I have the CLI menu stuff, and yes I’m SOL.  I did some hard digging at one point, and found a few approaches that might work for this version of software.

1. Upgrade to 3Com OS version 3.0.  I have 2.<something> and can’t find a newer version of code, so I wasn’t able to use this approach, but the command is something like “system backup <tftp server address and path>”
2. Install 3Com Network Director (http://web.archive.org/web/*/http:/support.3com.com/software*), which in theory does backups of menu-drive 3Com devices older than 2.999.  HP stopped supporting this sometime between 2008 and 2010, but if you happen to have (or are able to acquire) a licensed copy, this is a viable approach to investigate.  Network Director license cost something like $1500, the official (as of 2010) HP replacement cost $20k.  These URLs might be interesting to read:
3. There’s a 3rd party software that reports itself able to support 3Com gear. https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Kiwi_CatTools/Kiwi_CatTools_3.11_Administrator_Guide/030_Devices/030_Device_speciific_infomation/050_3Com_superstack_switches
4. I’ve heard rumors that HP Open View can do this as well, though I haven’t investigated this avenue.

Unfortunately for me none of these are viable approaches so I was forced to resort to SNMP polling, that at least got us VLAN assignments for the switchports.  Since our 3Com deployment is hopefully on a short remaining lifespan, and since these days they’re largely static in their config across all 3Com switches, therefor switch replacement-on-failure is a manageable process and my director hasn’t authorized investigation of switch backup beyond this cursory level.

But if it’s something that interests you, I’m sure there’s a way to get any of these into a state that rancid can ingest it into the repository.

BTW... if you’re looking for a 3Com owner/operator manual: http://www.mtmnet.com/PDF_FILES/3C16980_MgmtGuide.pdf


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    Yes, these were my scripts originally (they work "just enough" for me, 
    unfortunately I hardly have any development time).  They will work for 
    anything(ish) that is Comware-based, (3, 5, 7).  But there were few 
    3Com-branded Comware poroducts, before they became H3C or HP branded, now 
    HPE; or separately Huawei.
    If you're talking about the ancient 3Com lanswitch software (I think 
    that's what it was called internally) with the menu-driven CLI ... well 
    you're partly out of luck.
    There is a theoretical way, from what I recall, though I never did it for 
    3Com.  I think there was a way of pulling the underlying config off by 
    tftp, maybe triggered through the CLI, so you might be able to use 
    something like wraprancid:
    to do that with a new module for 3Com.  Maybe.
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    On Fri, 27 Oct 2017, Daniel Kerse wrote:
    > Are these the 3com switches you’re interested in?
    > https://sites.google.com/site/jrbinks/code/rancid/h3c
    > Works for me...rancid 3.2
    > On Fri, 27 Oct 2017 at 9:13 AM, Piegorsch, Weylin William <weylin at bu.edu>
    > wrote:
    > > There are no 3com scripts.  My predecessor had configured an SNMP thing,
    > > but that stopped working when we upgraded to rancid v3.  If you find one,
    > > let me know because I would love to use it.
    > >
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    > > Hello team ,
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    > > Hope all of you guys are doing well. I have my rancid set up working
    > > perfectly fine for a long time now. I am backing up a lot of different
    > > devices successfully, but now I have to back up “3COM” router and I can’t
    > > find scripts for this type of device.
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    > > Is there someone who can help with this?
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