[rancid] Juniper 'last commit' + Fortigate whitespace + DB

Chris Wopat me at falz.net
Fri Sep 29 12:28:27 UTC 2017

Hey folks,

We recently updated to 3.7, a few comments/questions.

* Juniper was updated to ignore 'last committed by' line. Changelog
says 'useless
last commit config line'. Curious what others think about this. We think
it's quite valuable and is a nice way help correlate changes to accounts
that made the change. For now we've manually restored it, which is easy

* We see the 'show chassis firmware' line come and go on some devices. This
happened prior to 3.7 as well. This has been witnessed on MX running 15.1,
QFX running 14.1X53-D45, and possibly other devices.

+ # show chassis firmware

* Fortigate: Some change was made to fix an issue where there was
artificial spacing/line wraps being detected on Fortigate (
Just wanted to say thanks, this makes Fortigates 20x less chatty!

* Fortigate suggestion: We manually add this to fnrancid still in GetSystem
to keep the chatter down. This was previously mentioned in this thread as
curious if others would like to see these added as well.

next if (/^\s*IPS-ETDB: .*/);
next if (/^\s*APP-DB: .*/);
next if (/^\s*IPS Malicious URL Database: .*/);
next if (/^\s*Botnet DB: .*/);

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