[rancid] Howto setup Rancid with Git on Debian?

Gauthier, Chris cgauthier at comscore.com
Thu Jan 11 15:20:20 UTC 2018

Whether its Debian or another distro, the basic setup is still the same.  I did the same thing on CentOS.  V3.6.2 has a bug when running the configure script.  Check out:

As for the Git part, rancid uses a local git server that it creates the folder structure for.  Each rancid group is its gets own Git repo.  The key is really the rancid config file.  Set RCSSYS=”git” and it will do the heavy lifting.  If you need the stuff to go to a remote repo, then you will need to make the local Git do blind commits to the remote repo.  That’s something one of my server admins took care of, so I’m not sure exactly how he did it.


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> Hello folks,
> i’ve searched the web, this list, contents in the package etc. but didn’t
> find any up to date information on how to setup Rancid with Git on Debian.
> I’ve installed rancid via apt-get (rancid ver. 3.6.2-2) on Debian 9. Git is
> ver. 2.11.

<10 seconds with google found


I do not know if the Debian packaged 3.6.2 includes git support.


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