[rancid] error after migrating to new server

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Tue Oct 16 21:17:53 UTC 2018

Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 03:06:53PM +0000, Andrew Meyer:
> Is this a perl/python or something else command?  I think I found the package in Amazon Linux. 

its a command that comes with rancid.  my guess is one of

- you copied rancid from another machine and missed it
- the pre-built package you installed is broken
- you copied rancid.conf from another machine and its PATH doesnt match,
  so it cant find par.
- you deleted it somehow
- you're using an old version of rancid, when par was a perl script, and
  the interpretter line is wrong
- par lacks executable mode bits

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