[rancid] router config diffs

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 08:17:20 UTC 2018

On 10/25/18, Wayne Eisenberg <Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com> wrote:
>> I'd go with changing control_rancid.  Search for
>> # Mail out the diffs (if there are any).
>> if [ -s $TMP.diff ] ; then
> Bingo. I found my tweak. Thanks, Lee! Instead of actually sending the email,
> I had just redirected it to /dev/null.
> -        ) | $SENDMAIL -t $MAILOPTS
> +       ) > /dev/null
> Maybe that could be a config choice in rancid.conf (if it were a global
> switch) or .cloginrc (if you wanted to turn off mail for specific devices or
> groups)?

For a global switch just use your version of sendmail instead of the
system version:
$ cat sendmail
# rancid insists on having sendmail
# so give it one
echo ""      >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
date         >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
echo "$*"    >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
while read LINE
  echo $LINE >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
echo ""      >> /tmp/sendmail.txt

altho you'd probably want it to be just

and if you ever want rancid to actually send mail, have your sendmail
be a link to the real one.


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> On 10/21/18, Wayne Eisenberg <Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using SVN, not CVS.
>> I probably didn't do a good job of explaining. I'm not getting the
>> same diff over and over. They are new versions, valid diffs. I don't
>> see how svn could get out of sync, when the crontab was inactive
>> (everything rem'ed out) so there was no activity during the upgrade.
>> Before the upgrade, I know there were router config changes taking
>> place and I did not get an email about them. Now I do. So I'm hunting for
>> how to turn the notifications off.
> I'd go with changing control_rancid.  Search for
> # Mail out the diffs (if there are any).
> if [ -s $TMP.diff ] ; then
> which looks like the line to change to turn notifications off.  Or check the
> FAQ:
> Q. I just want to store configrurations, I do not want to receive diffs.
> How
>    can I accomplish this?
> A. Use procmail to filter them out of your inbox.
>    OR, redirect the mail aliases in your MTA's aliases file or database to
> a
>    mailman list with no subscribers.
>    OR, redirect the mail aliases to /dev/null.
>    OR, set DIFFSCRIPT in rancid.conf to something that eats it's input,
> such
>    as "dd of=/dev/null bs=16k".
> Regards,
> Lee
>> I'm also noticing a .cvsignore file in the 'configs' folder in WebSVN.
>> Not sure why that is there or if I should care. It wasn't there before
>> the upgrade.
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne
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>> Subject: Re: [rancid] router config diffs
>> Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 05:54:48AM +0000, Wayne Eisenberg:
>>> I just upgraded from 3.1 to 3.8, and all of a sudden I am getting
>>> emails every time there is a change in the config - 'router config diff'
>>> emails.
>>> I must have tweaked something in the previous version so that I
>>> wasn't getting them for every change in config, but I don't remember
>>> what. Is there a switch or conf variable that can turn it off? I just
>>> want to be notified if rancid can't contact a device.
>> please see the FAQ S2 Q4.  your cvs working directory is most likely
>> out of sync somehow.
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