[rancid] router config diffs

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Fri Oct 26 08:20:40 UTC 2018

Thanks, that's an interesting idea although what I was really thinking of was turning off the emailing of diffs, not totally disabling mail. (It would still be important to know if rancid lost contact with devices.)
If that were part of the official control_rancid, then it could be controlled by a variable in the rancid.conf file. Just a newbie idea.

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On 10/25/18, Wayne Eisenberg <Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com> wrote:
>> I'd go with changing control_rancid.  Search for
>> # Mail out the diffs (if there are any).
>> if [ -s $TMP.diff ] ; then
> Bingo. I found my tweak. Thanks, Lee! Instead of actually sending the
> email, I had just redirected it to /dev/null.
> -        ) | $SENDMAIL -t $MAILOPTS
> +       ) > /dev/null
> Maybe that could be a config choice in rancid.conf (if it were a
> global
> switch) or .cloginrc (if you wanted to turn off mail for specific
> devices or groups)?

For a global switch just use your version of sendmail instead of the system version:
$ cat sendmail
# rancid insists on having sendmail
# so give it one
echo ""      >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
date         >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
echo "$*"    >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
while read LINE
  echo $LINE >> /tmp/sendmail.txt
echo ""      >> /tmp/sendmail.txt

altho you'd probably want it to be just

and if you ever want rancid to actually send mail, have your sendmail be a link to the real one.



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