[rancid] router config diffs

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 20:33:45 UTC 2018

On 10/25/18, heasley <heas at shrubbery.net> wrote:
> Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 04:46:48AM +0000, Wayne Eisenberg:
>> > I'd go with changing control_rancid.  Search for
>> >
>> > # Mail out the diffs (if there are any).
>> > if [ -s $TMP.diff ] ; then
>> Bingo. I found my tweak. Thanks, Lee! Instead of actually sending the
>> email, I had just redirected it to /dev/null.
>> -        ) | $SENDMAIL -t $MAILOPTS
>> +       ) > /dev/null
>> Maybe that could be a config choice in rancid.conf (if it were a global
>> switch) or .cloginrc (if you wanted to turn off mail for specific devices
>> or groups)?
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>> On 10/21/18, Wayne Eisenberg <Wayne.Eisenberg at carolinasit.com> wrote:
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>> > I probably didn't do a good job of explaining. I'm not getting the
>> > same diff over and over. They are new versions, valid diffs. I don't
>> > see how svn could get out of sync, when the crontab was inactive
>> > (everything rem'ed out) so there was no activity during the upgrade.
>> > Before the upgrade, I know there were router config changes taking
>> > place and I did not get an email about them. Now I do. So I'm hunting
>> > for how to turn the notifications off.
>> I'd go with changing control_rancid.  Search for
> why?  there are 3 manners of affecting the same result, but without
> modifying the installed base and without needing to remember that
> change following the next upgrade.  embrace the unix
> methodology - assemble (pipe) simple tools for complex results.

I haven't tried this, but it sure looks like one could build rancid with
export SENDMAIL=/usr/local/bin/sendmail_alt
./configure --prefix= ..etc..

and have /usr/local/bin/sendmail_alt be just

and that would take care of not sending emails or doing something
other than sending mail.  Yes?   but that means you'd have to build
rancid instead of just installing from some repository..

In any case, I went with changing control_rancid because there were a
few other things I wanted to do like filtering out passwords, keys,
hashes, etc. from the mail msg before sending it. So right after the
  # Diff the directory and then checkin.
section I added

# -LR- begin: remove passwords, etc. from diff listing
/usr/local/bin/sanitize.sh $TMP.diff >$TMP.diff2
/bin/mv  $TMP.diff2 $TMP.diff
# -LR- end  : remove passwords etc. from diff listing


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