[rancid] Aruba 2930M

Guisepp Rodriguez guisrodi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 14:01:43 UTC 2019

What version of Rancid I need? I use rancid 3.7 and for Aruba 2930M I use
hlogin, hrancid. This is the output error:

[rancid at rancid rancid]$ ./bin/hrancid -t hp -d xx.xx.xx.xx
executing hlogin -t 90 -c"show version;show flash;show
system-information;show system information;show module;show stack;show tech
transceivers;show config files;show config status;write term" xx.xx.xx.xx
sh: hlogin: command not found
xx.xx.xx.xx: missed cmd(s): all commands
xx.xx.xx.xx: End of run not found
xx.xx.xx.xx: clean_run is false
xx.xx.xx.xx: found_end is false
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