[rancid] 3.99.99 and Nokia/Alcatel/Alu/SROS

rancid rancid at uuuuuu.net
Thu Feb 7 03:12:58 UTC 2019

We've a number of SAR-8 SAR-AX SAS-S devices which I'm wanting to
collect configs of.  My test device is "TiMOS-B-10.0.R6 both/hops
Nokia SAS-S 24T4SFP+ 7210 Copyright (c) 2000-2018 Nokia"

I've run into a few minor issues which I've worked around.
- extra calls to turn off the paging in addition to "environment no more"
- A few commands that I apparently don't have permissions to run e.g.
I can't run "admin display-config index" but can run "admin
- a few commands that don't seem to be present on this hardware/software version

I've configured a new base type "ttsros" to work around these issues
but (and this is the biggie) I seem to be hitting an "End of run not
found" error


rancid at dev-test:/usr/local/rancid/bin$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/rancid/bin
rancid at dev-test:/usr/local/rancid/bin$ ./rancid -d -t ttsros
loadtype: device type ttsros
loadtype: found device type ttsros in /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.conf
executing noklogin -t 90 -c"show system information;file type
bootlog.txt;show redundancy synchronization;show chassis;show chassis
power-supply;show chassis power-management;show card state;show card
detail;show debug;show bof;admin display-config" OBFUSCATED.domain.net
HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED#  show system information
    In ShowSystemInfo: A:OBFUSCATED#  show system information
HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED# file type bootlog.txt
    In BootLog: A:OBFUSCATED# file type bootlog.txt
HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED# show redundancy synchronization
    In ShowRedundancy: A:OBFUSCATED# show redundancy synchronization
    In ShowChassis: A:OBFUSCATED# show chassis
OBFUSCATED.domain.net: missed cmd(s): show chassis power-supply, show
chassis power-management, show card state, show card detail, show
debug, show bof
OBFUSCATED.domain.net: End of run not found
OBFUSCATED.domain.net: clean_run is false
OBFUSCATED.domain.net: found_end is false
# A:OBFUSCATED# show chassis


Should I be using 3.99.99?
Should it work on this device?
Should it work on the other devices?

Any suggestions on how to further debug this issue if the answers to
the above are yes ?

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