[rancid] 3.99.99 and Nokia/Alcatel/Alu/SROS

Heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Feb 7 18:46:10 UTC 2019

Am 06.02.2019 um 19:12 schrieb rancid <rancid at uuuuuu.net>:
> We've a number of SAR-8 SAR-AX SAS-S devices which I'm wanting to
> collect configs of.  My test device is "TiMOS-B-10.0.R6 both/hops
> Nokia SAS-S 24T4SFP+ 7210 Copyright (c) 2000-2018 Nokia"
> I've run into a few minor issues which I've worked around.
> - extra calls to turn off the paging in addition to "environment no more"

What do you mean by this? What is the spurce of extra commands?

> - A few commands that I apparently don't have permissions to run e.g.
> I can't run "admin display-config index" but can run "admin
> display-config"

Fix the permissions! /-)

> - a few commands that don't seem to be present on this hardware/software version

Thats does not matter.  That should be ignored; if not i‘d like to know so that it can be fixed. 

> I've configured a new base type "ttsros" to work around these issues
> but (and this is the biggie) I seem to be hitting an "End of run not
> found" error
> e.g.
> rancid at dev-test:/usr/local/rancid/bin$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/rancid/bin
> rancid at dev-test:/usr/local/rancid/bin$ ./rancid -d -t ttsros
> OBFUSCATED.domain.net
> loadtype: device type ttsros
> loadtype: found device type ttsros in /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.conf
> executing noklogin -t 90 -c"show system information;file type
> bootlog.txt;show redundancy synchronization;show chassis;show chassis
> power-supply;show chassis power-management;show card state;show card
> detail;show debug;show bof;admin display-config" OBFUSCATED.domain.net
> HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED#  show system information
>    In ShowSystemInfo: A:OBFUSCATED#  show system information
> HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED# file type bootlog.txt
>    In BootLog: A:OBFUSCATED# file type bootlog.txt
> HIT COMMAND:*A:OBFUSCATED# show redundancy synchronization
>    In ShowRedundancy: A:OBFUSCATED# show redundancy synchronization
>    In ShowChassis: A:OBFUSCATED# show chassis
> OBFUSCATED.domain.net: missed cmd(s): show chassis power-supply, show
> chassis power-management, show card state, show card detail, show
> debug, show bof
> OBFUSCATED.domain.net: End of run not found
> OBFUSCATED.domain.net: clean_run is false
> OBFUSCATED.domain.net: found_end is false
> # A:OBFUSCATED# show chassis
> Questions:
> Should I be using 3.99.99?

Shrug. 3.9 would be better

> Should it work on this device?

Afaik, yes.  Nokiafolks helped test on various timos devices, though i do not know if they tested your particular device. 

> Should it work on the other devices?

Yes, i expect all sros devices and srosmd. My nokia experience is limited though. 

> Any suggestions on how to further debug this issue if the answers to
> the above are yes ?

The log looks weird; show chassis both found and missing.  Id ask that you use the sros type for testing, so i dont have to debug what youve changed

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